Diversity advantage

Equal services are obtained through interaction with the urban society and are dependent on user confidence. Celebration of Oslo as intercultural city, as the city with 200 languages, with world religions city and as the queer city, strengthen good relations between people of different backgrounds, exhibiting the positive gains diversity gives urban society. Cooperation and knowledge provide a sense of belonging and tolerance, mutual trust and understanding.

The expectation is that districts, agencies and municipal enterprises celebrate difference and diversity as a strength and advantage for the city. Confidence is fostered through integrity, respect and commitment. Municipal services shall invite in, create space and support the initiative of individuals and organizations representing local diversity.

The «Be Proud» Festival in the city district of Søndre Nordstrand is an investment in trust and belonging. The festival is owned by locals and the local civil society. The festival provides local voluntary organizations, sport clubs, housing associations and local businesses and the city district administration intercultural expertise and knowhow on how to foster coherence and a common sense of belong in diverse communities.

This is what services shall do:

  • Celebrate diversity as part of local neighborhood festivals, school arrangements, sporting events, and national holidays
  • Participate and be visible at parties organized by minority groups, and give minorities the opportunity to be host and equal partners in events arranged for the city, neighborhood or school
  • Invite to participative decision-making, and make celebrations transparent, intercultural and democratic
  • Make applications for funding of voluntary, sport and cultural activities accessible to all
  • Use teamwork and networking to build trust allowing for cooperation on education and work, youth activites and safe neighborhoods

Districts and agencies shall create meeting places where it is easy for people with different backgrounds to do things together. Celebrations help to make the advantages of diversity visible, showing how cultural diversity enriches the neighborhood as well as individual lives The municipality shall work together with businesses, educational institutions, individuals and organizations that find workable solutions to the challenges integration offers, and who are able to trigger the benefits diversity brings.

To be recognized as a city of the world, Oslo must be seen to celebrate diversity and appreciate citizens with backgrounds from around the world, as well as all parts of Norway. All city districts, agencies and enterprises, as well as city government departments are expected to:

  • Nominate a person, organization or business to the annual OXLO award
  • Give a recognition annually to an employee or entity that has contributed significantly to equal services

Read about the OXLO award and grant for integration and diversity work on OXLO resource portal. Check Oslo’s intercultural calendar at the web site of The Norwegian Centre against Racism. The «Be Proud» festival in the city district of Søndre Nordstrand is on Facebook.