Læring OXLO guide y

Equality and diversity provide better municipal services, increase user satisfaction and make the services more efficient. The city of Oslo is a value-based learning organization, which acquires knowledge about the urban society it serves, sharing knowledge and use knowledge in the development of better services. The diversity perspective shall be incorporated in all overarching strategic plans, HR manuals and internal training programs.

The expectation is that city districts, agencies and enterprises work systematically towards equality and against discrimination. City services are obligated to develop specific targets and implement concrete measures. The duty obliges the city to work actively, purposefully and systematically. What applies to the municipality also apply to municipal services performed by companies or organizations. Districts and agencies must ensure that all users are equal in terms of services provided by private firms on behalf of the municipality, in line with the strategy for social responsibility in municipal procurement regulations.

The discrimination laws oblige the municipality to make active, targeted and systematic efforts to promote equality, regardless of ethnicity, religion or belief, gender or sexual orientation. Each city district, agency, enterprise and city government department has a duty to report on equality in their annual reports.

Good reporting helps municipal services and the city as a whole to fulfill its aims as a learning organization. Reporting on the efforts to deliver equal services in the City Government’s annual report, makes the city able to satisfy the requirements of discrimination legislation. The reports are based on the registration forms distributed and compiled by the City government department of finance.

Systematic work implies that services create a situation analysis, prepare a plan with goals and measures and evaluates and uses what is learned. What is the situation in our services? What do we want and how do we do it? Do we succeed? This is what services are expected to do:

  • Identify challenges and areas of unequality
  • Implement specific measures and activities
  • Defining goals for work and who is responsible
  • Incorporate objectives and measures of diversity area in overall strategic plans
  • Make the goals, challenges and strategies known for private suppliers of municipal services

For every service and every unit it involves:

  • Reporting on challenges, measures and results in the annual report
  • Write a short article about an example of best practice for publishing on the OXLO web site
  • Participate and contribute in seminars organized by the Office for diversity and integration and others engaged in promoting equality and inclusion

The city’s staff of employees shall mirror the city’s population. Intercultural competence and diversity among employees is also a tool for developing good programs and services in an international and diverse citizen and user perspective. The guide «Systematic work on equality and diversity», made by the city’s HR Agency, shows how services can work with analyzes, plans and evaluations.