Equal services means to deliver safe, inclusive and accessible services. The municipality will be a good host for its residents. Hospitality is the art of making people feel welcome. All are entitled to equal services regardless of language, cultural background or sexual orientation. In the meetings with municipal employees, all shall feel welcome and be appreciated, and get information and services responsive to their needs.

The expectation is that all municipal services are open and accessible, communicating that everyone are welcome as equal users of municipal services and facilities. Differences in language and the use of symbols, use of information technology and the physical design of premises and buildings, can – if insensitive to diversity – give individuals and groups the impression that municipal services are not open for them.

Direct discrimination occurs when an act or omission means that a person is treated less favorably than others because of ethnicity or sexual orientation. Indirect discrimination occurs when an apparently neutral provision, condition, practice, act or omission has the same effect. Discrimination or fear of experiencing discrimination restricts choice and opportunity. People who expect to be rejected and denigrated, seeks and does not use municipal services where they think they will be neglected or treated poorly.

Ammerud nursing home and cultural center is an open house that invites users and their families and friends inside, and develop services through interaction with volunteers and community organizations. The basis is a holistic view of humanity and an understanding of what culture, belonging and understanding of the uniqueness of each human being does in appreciating users and their needs.

This is what municipal services and public offices, youth clubs and schools are expected to do:

  • Make visible the service’s immediate neighborhood and user community, and use symbols for both majority and minority in external communication
  • Set up OXLO poster in public areas, and the OXLO / Rainbow Charter
  • Translate information to the languages of large minorities- also on the internet
  • Remove the requirement to specify gender in registration forms, where this is not strictly necessary
  • Facilitate the use of interpreters
  • Check whether service employees reflects the diversity of users and city population

To emerge as a good host for the city’s diverse population, it is recommended that each unit of municipal services and its staff

  • Acquire knowledge and familiarize themselves with laws prohibiting discrimination
  • Discusses annually internal attitudes to minorities and the right to protection against discrimination

Read the instructions from the Equality Ombudsman about equal services. Please utilize the «Diversity Mirror» – a tool the foundation Mangfold i Arbeidslivet (Diversity in Working Life) has made for the city, for services that want to work systematically on organizational development in an intercultural perspective. Read about the Ammerud at Kirkens Bymisjon (City Mission). On the website of FRI you will find knowledge about gender and sexual diversity.