Aims and measures

Equal services aims to provide equal opportunities for education, employment, home ownership and a good life. Oslo population is becoming more diverse and users of municipal services become more heterogeneous and complex. The municipal services aim to contribute to urban development in a long-term and systematic manner to help reduce social inequalities and poor living conditions.

The expectation is that city districts, schools, agencies and municipal enterprises check and document if  their services are more to the benefit to some groups of users,  while other groups do not use their services or systematically get poorer results. A gap analysis compares goals and desired results with actual results. Differences in results may indicate that not everyone has equal opportunities. Municipal agencies are obliged to implement measures and carry out active equality work to close such gaps.

Bjørnholt school aims to be open, innovative and international. In the 2013 City Council green paper on «Social mobility through school and kindergarten», targets schools with the biggest challenges and the weakest learning outcomes – schools where students’ parents have the lowest education and lowest incomes. On Bjørnholt school this has been concretized in stronger professional ambitions – exemplifies in the school’s International Baccalaureate and certification as IB World School. It has also resulted in projects improving the school environment through measures such as student mediation and Project Change. The school works to ensure that all students are seen as individuals, helps students to find their identity and realize their visions for the future.

Equal services enhance effectiveness and shall be part of the overall plans for city districts, agencies and enterprises. This is what all municipal services are expected to do:

  • Identify gaps, where provision of services gives different results for different users
  • Find simple indicators measuring if the gap becomes larger or smaller over time
  • Implement measures that will allow the services to reduce differences in opportunities and living conditions

In Oslo diversity is part everyday life. All employees of the City of Oslo wants to do a good job, and all units of the municipality want their services to be efficient and useful. Among both employees and managers there are many who know very well when they succeed and when they fall short in their efforts to reduce disparities and open up opportunities so that everyone in the city can have a good life for themselves and their families.

To succeed better, it is recommended that each unit and each leader

  • Make a simple gap analysis on equal services once a year
  • Contribute input about equal services to the strategic plan of city district, agency or municipal enterprise.