The OXLO Mentor Program


In the OXLO mentor program, master students get mentors employed in the City of Oslo, and help doing their master thesis. The thesis must be on a subject of use to the city. The programs admits up to 8 students each year.

The program is open for students in Oslo who have immigrated to Norway, or have parents who were immigrants. It is also open for international students.

Applications are open February and March each year. The deadline for 2018 is March 4.

Check the advertisement for OXLO mentorordning at the Rectruitment Manager

OXLO students receive the following offer:

  • mentor in the municipality
  • assistance, access to data and advice on the topic of your thesis
  • network and knowledge of public sector jobs

and possibly:

  • office space in the thesis writing period
  • vicariates
  • networks and advice from former OXLO-students,  Alarga Alumni, Global Future and Top10

The program is for students with intercultural backgrounds at the master’s level at the University of Oslo, University College of Oslo and Akershus, BI Norway Business School, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, and Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

The mentors are municipal employees in agencies, city districts and city hall departments. Relevant subjects are public administration, economics, social sciences, law, education, health and social welfare, culture, ICT, engineering and technology. The program offers also mentorship in publicly owned companies

The municipality cooperates with the Leadership Foundation for monitoring of mentor-student relationship and students have sponsors among MAK (Diversity Ambitions and Capabilities / Alarga Alumni). The scheme measures in Knowledge Oslo and supported by IMDI.

The mentor program is an initiative of the Knowledge Oslo – cooperative alliance between Oslo and the city’s educational institutions, and is anchored I City Council decision 129/13 «Diversity’s  Opportunities – about OXLO, Oslo Extra Large».

The purpose of the mentoring program is to make OXLO students more visible to employers and potential jobs after graduation, and generally promote the recruitment of multicultural employees with higher education.

Get more inforamtion about mentor and students at the program’s site on facebook.